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CYBERFUNK are those who take possession and subvert the sounds forced into their ears and turn them into new forms of expression in an arid ground for possibilities of voice. The lack becomes the engine for the creation of new rhythms, new agencies, for the formulation of another relationship with technology: a gambiarra ethos that goes beyond mere resistance to precariousness and becomes a way of relating to the world.

It's about how black people from Trinidad and Tobago, faced with the ban on drums by the settlers, started hitting scrap metal and invented steel drums. It's about how black people from Jamaica, without access to club parties, put their music down to the streets and invented the soundsystem culture. It's about how those same Jamaicans, after migrating to New York, mixed with black people from the Bronx, put two turntables and a microphone together and invented the hip hop sound.

It's about how this beat landed in Rio de Janeiro, where local black people took an obsolete TR-808 and mixed it with the drums of Afro-Brazilian religions to invent funk carioca. It's about a power outage in the middle of a show and vocal percussion coming in to create a new beat that resonates to this day at the bases of dance songs at 150 bpm.

In breaches and in hacking, black men in Diaspora seek constructions of possibilities of existence that go beyond mere survival, splicing cables to make the ground shake: deep sounds unite us all. It is the Diaspora on the move: it is the grounding of the outcast. How can we now take hold of blockchain technology to keep our rhythms resonating in new spaces and technologies, exploring the extensive possibilities offered by web3?

CYBERFUNK is a collection of 21 handmade 1/1 animations inspired by the fashion and culture of black carioca youth to create characters and scenarios of a futuristic Rio de Janeiro.

These 21 NFTs include:

- 12 regular characters.

- 6 legendary characters.

- 3 soundscapes made in collaboration with musicians and producers.

The drops will be organized into 3 releases, each featuring 4 regular characters, 2 legendary characters and 1 soundscape. In parallel to the NFTs, the project will also count on productions in the physical space, performed with base on goals achieved by the sale of tokens, such as the launch of a sticker album with augmented reality filters, outfits and parties that NFT holders will have access to.

The first drop will be released on 11/19, at 9 pm (GMT), during the Códigos Negros event at Rato Branko, including the first soundscape featuring AFRICANOISE.

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